Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Review of the Running Year 2013

Well quite frankly in my head it sucked, two weeks into January I was rear-ended in my car and gained a back injury from which I am still struggling with, I managed a measly annual mileage of less than half of the previous year, I was unable to train... then wait a minute, I stopped and thought about it. I have really done some amazing things this year. Things that most people may not even consider as a joke never mind a reality.

The sucky parts: 

  • I had to pull out of several races due to my back problems
  • Despite ongoing physio I am not in much better shape
  • I sleep with a heat pad on my back most nights, especially after running
  • Being terrified by giant clowns in Chamonix
The awesome parts:
So, in short, the year was not as expected in terms of my running ambition but I made the big ones, I had fun and while I broke no records, I got off my arse and I did it.

Here's to more miles next year and plenty more great running experiences with friends and family!

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