Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gone Clubbing

Once again I arrived home early enough to eat and have a couple of hours relaxing before going to running club. This can be fatal, as I sat snuggled up on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, a purring cat on my lap and the sound of rain falling on the roof I did not want to go back out.
But checking the weather it promised the rain would be over by 8pm so I told myself to man up, get changing and get out with the club. So donning some full length tights and a high viz jacket I departed into the cold (but thankfully dry) night.

Tonight we had another group leader variation with Sian leading the way and Ray bringing up the rear. At first there was a little confusion as two groups kept crossing into one another but before long we had edged ahead and were on our way. My legs felt heavy and sore for the first 2 miles as I contemplated ditching and going back the way I came. Instead I got chatting which is always a very good distraction and one of my favourite things about running on a Tuesday night and before I knew it another two miles had passed, then another and we were homeward bound. 

Finally my legs felt at one with my body and I stepped up the pace for the final stretch sprinting home and then saying some quick hello's to faces from the other groups. 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wiltshire Smiles

After a lovely meal out with after staying with friends last night I was the first to wake as is quite usual these days being unable to have a decent lie-in before the urge to run takes over my body and wakes me up.
I departed quickly and quietly at a decent pace, although this soon deteriorated as I reached an incline... oh dear the wine and rich food was not best chuffed I had chosen to disturb it so soon. I soldiered on wishing good morning to the friendly folk of Wiltshire - and when I say friendly they really were. No eye avoidance and looking the other way. Everyone was so friendly, runners, walkers and cyclists alike. Maybe I was a pitiful sight but nevertheless I was pretty pleased with this Sunday morning attitude of the locals. Perhaps this is the difference when living in a village?
Whilst the run was relatively short in length there was plenty of lovely hills, fields and woods to gaze upon so it was a nice way to start my day before a sleep in the car on the way home... well I had been for a run!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Something Old, Something New

Nothing Borrowed, but my trainers are Blue! 

The morning was grey and foggy with damp drizzle filling the air, I set out solo after failing to find anyone willing to run early and far on a Saturday morning with me. So I popped on my headphones filled mostly with songs from Glee and a lot of cheesy pop. I set off on a familiar route (something old) but before long decided to take a detour, and then another and then I decided I would only run for the next few miles on roads that I had never run on before (something new) regardless of whether or not I knew where they went. 

My fail safe to ensure this new technique of non-route planning did not end in catastrophe was to make sure that if I hit the halfway mark on my planned distance I would then just go back the way I came until I once again recognised the area... that failing my their technique is to check where the buses are going and head towards somewhere familiar. 

So onwards I went, nodding my greetings to pedestrians and fellow runners as I passed them by whilst occasionally signing out loud to my music - one of many reasons I shouldn't listen to music whilst running. Upon hitting my halfway point I was thankfully in familiar surrounds so I decided to head down through Norman Park and see all the Movember Parkrunners trotting along sporting a variety of tashes. Sadly I was too late to join the run and headed through the park and out the other side towards home. 

By now my legs were feeling a bit heavy and tired, the thought of getting back home into the warm and having a nice big cuppa was keeping me going though. The end of my route I had a decision to make option (1) add a loop to take me over 16 miles (2) run straight down St Pauls Wood Hill and home, a little shy of my planned 16 miles but also a big downhill for my very tired legs. Option 2 prevailed and I did a little over 15 miles at a decent ace including a few hills all of which I tacked with relative ease. My endurance training has officially begun.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Old School Club Run

The bridge is now open, hooray! I can now avoid the long and convoluted diversion to reach running club. With this in mind I ended up leaving late which meant hardly any parking spaces were available. I found one and headed toward the cub meeting point, argh, I was still wearing my glasses... back to the car I went. As I returned the groups were departing. The first one came towards me... "which group?" I called "5, join us"... hmmm "no thanks I keep looking..." next group was 4 and being led by Karen, perfect!

Off we headed straight up Birchwood before heading don towards Orpington, up Sevenoaks Way, back down to the other end of the High Street and again up the savage hill past the Station. I paired up with Janet (now my good luck charm since she pulled my name from the VLM draw) and we pushed up the hill together. It was suggested that maybe I should carry her on my back as a thank you!!
Before long we were on the home stretch and a few of us began to stretch our legs out and increase our speed for the 3/4 mile. Just shy of 6 miles this was a really lovely run that reminded Me of the early days with the club, lots of friendly chat and a good catch up with running buddies.

Saying my farewell I texted hubby to announce my imminent arrival and so he could put the Wimberry Pie in the oven for my post-run treat (collected fresh from Bury, Manchester by my Mother-in-Law). So after a quick freshen up I had pie and ice cream with a nice cuppa for my supper. Oh how easy it would have been to bail this evening after the miserable weather but very glad I didn't.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Downs and Out

I have long said to anyone who asks (and many who don't) that my favourite runs are those when I get out onto the downs with Jerry and Bhundu where we randomly divert down interesting looking paths, listen to Jerry's facts and stories about the surrounds. It had been far too long since our last outing and sadly we were missing our third today but at very late notice last night me and Jerry decided to head out this morning.

Out early we saw the sun rising over the valley. as we passed along a wooded path we encountered 3 men in camouflage gear... Jerry started his jovial chatter before spotting they were all carrying rifles... well maybe airguns. Jaerry demanded a rabbit for breakfast, I just hoped and prayed that we were not about to be thrown into a situation reminiscent of Deliverance.... arghhhhhh!

We escaped the potential danger of bb guns and any kind of banditry to next come upon a field of very angry sounding badgers. Luckily we skirted the field on the road so as not to enrage them further and release their fury upon us invading their grazing area.

The run continue, through field and forest, along path and trail with much random chatter passing the time and the miles away. Crossing over previous routes and identifying a few potential night run drinking holes for the future. We headed up through the churchyard of Seal Church to overlook the valley once again and see from whence we had come.

Back into Otford we came across many piles of flour, creating some sort of trail for scouts we suspected. Until we got carried away about a baker who was forced to walk the trails each morning to collect his flour but there was a hole in his sack and every time he paused a little clump fell out leaving us a trail to follow. We tracked the man leaving the trail before long... well he didn't make it difficult but were still left to wonder what it was all about. Lets hope it doesn't rain.

I had warned Jerry about my lack of mileage at late and what started as a 10 or maybe 12 ended up as a 14 miler. But who can be disappointed with that? It was a good fun run, lots of miles, lots of hills and lots of fun, perfect Sunday morning.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

VLM here we come!

The group run this evening was followed by the PWR London marathon club draw. Entered by many each year the entrants must adhere to entry criteria set out like the Ten Commandments - and quite rightly so!

1. be a paid up members since May 2012

2. have PWR as their 1st claim club

3. certify/have proof that they applied and have been rejected from the official ballot

4. attend in person at the PWR Club draw

5. notify the Chairperson of intent to enter the club draw

6. not be a winner of a PWR club marathon place in 2012.

Will all 6 boxes checked I was ready orange and lemonade and orange juice in hand, propping up the bar awaiting the first name to be drawn from the sack. Tension was rife with 13 hopefuls all with crossed fingers hoping that their name would be the one called out.

The first impartial hand into the draw bag was Janet, she delved deep and brought out a ball wilth a name on it and passed it to the club Chair, Anne. "Liz Romano"...... I was gob smacked, I was actually asking, 'what me, really?'... amazing!

The draw continued with the next names out Angela  who very nearly fell of her seat screaming with excitement and Andy a.k.a Nigel the Squirrel who was also over the moon. We got to together for our group shot, a little in shick but all very much delighted with our good luck, so London 2013 here we come!

Nigel the Squirrel, Angela & Me - VLM lCub Place Winners

Char-lott-a Hills

So after a long absence from Tuesday night runs for too many reasons to mention, I was back!
I was more than happy to tag along with group 3 to try and ease myself back in but after spotting Emma and Karien heading out with group 4 I decided to go for it.
We were led by Charlotte who was popping her cherry as group leader tonight and a great job she did too even if the route took us the 'bad way' up summer hill. I am pleased to announce that I did make it all the way without a walk break which must be a first in a long time, yay me!
Was really great to be back out with the club.