Tuesday, 13 November 2012

VLM here we come!

The group run this evening was followed by the PWR London marathon club draw. Entered by many each year the entrants must adhere to entry criteria set out like the Ten Commandments - and quite rightly so!

1. be a paid up members since May 2012

2. have PWR as their 1st claim club

3. certify/have proof that they applied and have been rejected from the official ballot

4. attend in person at the PWR Club draw

5. notify the Chairperson of intent to enter the club draw

6. not be a winner of a PWR club marathon place in 2012.

Will all 6 boxes checked I was ready orange and lemonade and orange juice in hand, propping up the bar awaiting the first name to be drawn from the sack. Tension was rife with 13 hopefuls all with crossed fingers hoping that their name would be the one called out.

The first impartial hand into the draw bag was Janet, she delved deep and brought out a ball wilth a name on it and passed it to the club Chair, Anne. "Liz Romano"...... I was gob smacked, I was actually asking, 'what me, really?'... amazing!

The draw continued with the next names out Angela  who very nearly fell of her seat screaming with excitement and Andy a.k.a Nigel the Squirrel who was also over the moon. We got to together for our group shot, a little in shick but all very much delighted with our good luck, so London 2013 here we come!

Nigel the Squirrel, Angela & Me - VLM lCub Place Winners

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