Sunday, 29 June 2014

Just what the Doctor ordered

My treatment has progressed and I am seeing my Physiotherapist and also my Chiropractor who between them are making great progress with me. I had been tasked with gradually building up what I can in terms of running and getting my body prepared to once again take impact. I have moved from the lazy bike at the gym (officially I believe it is called the recumbent).

Phase one was to do a 10 minute warm up, followed by 30 sec run and 2 minute walk, repeating and building gradually over the weeks. By the time I reached my last appointment with the Physio she was happy for me to continue to build on this with me reaching the prolific heights of 2 mins running with 30 sec walks in between, sandwiched between 10 min walking warm ups / warm downs.

It is great to be making progress but still frustrating that I am not able to run like I am used to. These runs are all taking place on the treadmill unfortunately. It would seem that my confidence to go out and run is a little damaged in case my back starts to hurt. I consider it altogether much safer to run on the treadmill where there is an emergency stop button. This is a sign of my annoying alter ego, Sensible Liz (also known as boring Liz).

My regular Chiropractor appointments have become less terrifying as my adjustments are not such loud crunching noises now as more satisfying little pops! In fact I look forward to them for the most part as I find my Dr most entertaining yet knowledgeable.