Sunday, 19 July 2015

Newham 10km Run #returntothestadium

This race was going to be a tricky one, when the entries opened up some months ago I of course had no idea that firstly I would be pregnant and secondly that I would have been suffering the most horrendous vomit inducing morning (afternoon, evening and nighttime) sickness!

But as runners we can be a little silly, and I knew this was likely to be the only opportunity I would ever have to run in the Olympic stadium in the footsteps of the greats so I was going to do this event, even if it meant walking the whole way!

The time in the picture was never going to happen but nice as a reminder that I was capable of a sub-50 10km at some point in my running life and I will get back there!

Added bonus of this event was that supporters could also come into the stadium to watch the finish, so I had both my husband and my mum on todays support crew and what a fine job they did. I must have seen them in at least 4 different points in the race before even getting to the final 400m in the stadium running on that famous track.

My pace was pretty good to start with but it was a hot day and getting hotter my the minute. When I was running I was maintaining pace but due to the heat and concern over cooking my growing bump I had several walk breaks and water to make sure I didn't overheat. 

These seemed to get more frequent towards the end of the race but the idea of today was not about time, it was about setting foot on the track and that I did!

I saw a few other PWR tops around the course and towards the finish there was some encouragement shouted at each other as we recognised the tops if not the faces!! (the club has grown so large and with my absence following injury there are a lot of new faces). I finished the race, oddly not with a personal worst and if anything the bump now had a 10km PB!!

A great event, very busy an perhaps 20,000 runners but something that was great to be part of and what a spectacular finishing venue!