Monday, 13 October 2014

Work that Hyde

So this week I am away with work, at our office on the outskirts of Manchester, I will be living like Alan Partridge, alone in my hotel room but wait, this is an opportunity to use my evening to boost my fitness. 

I ensured I had booked a hotel with a decent sized pool and a gym. This was going to be a mega fitness week. On arrival this evening, I checked in, got into my kit and went straight to the gym where I opted for a 5km treadmill run, start as I mean to go on. As expected I am slower on a treadmill as it's always too hot for me running indoors. But after 35mins I had completed my target distance and then made my way to the free weights. 

As the week progressed I swam every morning before leaving for work, had two more gym work outs, two body pump classes and one spin class. So by the end of the week I was feeling pretty darn pleased with myself. 
The spin class was tough, the first in months, and it did leave my back a little sore afterwards.... One to watch I think so I will keep trying to strengthen my spine before I tackle spin again. I did enjoy it though and as I had been chatting to the instructor beforehand he gave me three cheers at the end, odd but nice to get some positive encouragement from strangers!!! 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Return to Parkrun

It was time to man-up, it was time to get out there and run in a situation I knew I wouldn't give up, flake out or make excuses to stop. It was time to go to a race.

I opted for ParkRun, no pressure, other runners to keep me moving and local. I decided to try out Orpington ParkRun as despite being my closest and having recently hit the two year anniversary I still hadn't managed to run here. 

Much smaller turnout than Bromley but still a decent sized field I arrived feeling a little nervous. Having dusted off my Garmin, grabbed my barcode I made my way to the start. I saw the familiar face of Simon (my former run buddy for many races) and felt a wave of reel if as I could have a chat to him rather than worrying about the run ahead. We chatted and eventually set off together.

It pleased me after a while to hear Simon's voice, offering words of encouragement, to himself, others, who knew, but this is one of the comforting things about running with Simon and put me in a good headspace of remembered events run with him in the past. 

After two laps I started to lag behind him but was still running and happy enough that I could keep it up and get round eh course without walking. Entering the final lap two young lads of about age 8, both called Thomas overtook me.... Gosh darn those speedy little legs of youth!! There was a little competition hotting up between them as they neared the end. It was interesting to hear their parents differing techniques..... Thomas 1 who ran with his dad was being told to use this and beT the other little boy, Thomas 2 who ran with his mum was being told it was not a race and to not worry about the other little boy. In the end as they raced for the lead they crossed the line at the same time - both ahead of me!!! 

I came in shortly after, under 30 minutes and not having had to walk. I was happy with that, it was a good start, it was progress.