Wednesday, 29 August 2012

PWR Beginners Week 7 - Round 2

Unbelievably we have now reached week 7 on the second group of Tuesday evening beginners running groups! Amazing and still looking strong with 20 participants sticking it out for the course. Only 1 more training week to go before we all head off to Bromley Parkrun for the final event... a 5km run!

The group was split into 4 smaller groups dependant on pace with two very kind volunteers from the club going with each group to keep them motivated and on pace.

The run was 1 min walking / 10 mins jogging repeated 3 times, we headed out of the rec and began our route on the pavement before hitting some trails and woods to give a variety of terrain to these newbie runners. On talking to the runners some were finding the second rep easier whereas others liked the first slot of running. The group stuck together well and were amazed that we had done 2 miles already at the second walk break. My group went slightly over to an 11 minute run to finish off which took us up to 3 miles exactly... I was very proud and so were the runners who couldn't quite believe they had gone so far.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Marathon Bike Ride (Wounded)

I'd rather have a picture of my bruise but it is too severe!
So to cycle a marathon distance may not be that impressive to most but to me it was the furthest I have cycled and definitely a huge step in my training towards the Palace to Palace bike ride in October. Further more I sustained (sort of did it to myself) a painful injury at around 14 miles in and was forced to 'man up' and cycle through the pain!

I painstakingly planned a route, printed it out, made notes of the keys turning points and headed out early on the lovely quite bank holiday roads.

Soon enough I was out away from built up areas and into the countryside, up and down the rolling hills and some not so rolling but scarily blooming steep. I made it up all of them, I was talking to myself using words of encouragement to keep me going and one hill in particular seemed such an insurmountable a task I was entirely gob-smacked upon reaching the top... it must be those spinning classes and PT sessions paying dividends as I am sure I wouldn't have been able to managed that before.

I arrived home a couple of hours later completely famished but managed to eat healthily before fully examining my leg and looking for sympathy!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rounders & Running

The bank holiday exercise started with a family rounders match but I won't dwell on that too much exceopt to say that the team I was on won (yay... not really down to me I'm sure as it seems I can't hit a ball without glasses on and I cannot run with them so I was a bit stuck as to the best way to tackle this!).

The following morning, 6 of the more exercise and hangover hardened family members donned their kit and set off from the front door on a beautiful sunny surrey morning for a lovely 5 mile run that took in roads, trails and a disused railway track.

The group quickly split into two as we spent time chatting and catching up on news as we trundled along and enjoyed the countryside. The 5 miles seeemd to disspper quickly and I toyed with the idea of going for a second lap but as I couldn't tempt anyone to join me and brie on toast for marmalade was calling I went back up to the house with everyone else for brekkie.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Little toughies

Tuesday evening and Saturday morning had a few things in common:

1.      I didn't have as much time as I thought

2.      it was pretty warm and muggy

3.      my legs seemed to be working against and not with me!

So both these days saw what I view as a pretty poor attempt to get some miles in with both under 3 miles and at a sedentary pace. although the decision made on Saturday was more out of a commitment to others and I didn't want to be late.

These runs were uneventful and pretty horrible but it still seems worth mentioning as we all have bad runs... they just make all the good runs feel so much more amazing. So I shall wait for the enjoyment of another an be glad that I did something over nothing.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cold feet, hot face!

After last nights dictatorship I was running alone this morning and also the fact that I needed to get in some intervals deterred both the Meakins from joining me before the wedding.

My plan was to head to the canal... then the river... then the canal and then I got myself all tried up in knots (not Notts) and ended up by a school with a rather long drive approx 250m long perfect for my 200m reps and a cool down!

I completed 8 reps with 200m cool downs, sweating profusely but pleased that I maintained a good steady pace from my first and last whilst pushing myself pretty hard. As I returned and saw my face in the mirror I was more than a little concerned about arriving at the wedding with such a hot face... full power freezing cold air con directly into my cheeks it is whilst not misplacing the rollers in my hair!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Run Team Meakin

Team Meakin looking sharp!
As we drove North for the netball wedding of the year we had a stop off at the Meakin residence in Nottingham. At around 6pm I had a call from Mrs and she stated that they were no longer waiting but would go for a run and eat when we arrived as we would all be starving... I was quite bossy in my response (traffic will do that to me... for the first hout we managed 12 miles).

I demanded that they wait for me as they would have to anyway as I would need to run before dinner. Then in my guilt I text and retracted my instructions and told them to proceed with their run. As if to make matters worse there become more and more traffic and I became more and more guilty.

Upon arrival, hubby went for a nap and I quickly changed so as not to hold up the Meakin's any longer than I had already. This was supported with many apologies and a promise to run the distance and pace they wanted to and off we headed down towards the river and trent bridge.

A pleasant 4 miles later all was forgiven as we arrived back at the house and streched before a very yummy dinner followed by an equally lovely dessert! Thanks for waiting for me Team Meakin x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Easy Way Out

As the training plan for the Palace to Palace bike ride dictates that I should be cycling miles and miles every week in preparation even as a social cyclist I determined I would try to once a week cycle to and from work. This is something that is actually pretty easy and enjoyable so it is amazing how easy it is to talk myself out of it.

The route in takes me up the infamous Summer Hill that leaves many runners quivering in its wake or panting at the top so to attempt this on a bike seemed so much harder than on foot and so much more obvious if you fail... but once again I made it up (only the second time) and it was such a great feeling.

That feeling had let me arrive at work nicely warm-up up and pretty smug. this feeling soon left as the working day ended I was pretty shattered and the thought of attempting the other side of Summer Hill was just too much. I got the top and turned right instead... I took a lovely amble through Jubilee Park and arrived home having done an extra mile but thoroughly happy about that as it was a lovely afternoon to cycle through the park.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mr Blobby Runs Again!

Holy moly... after PT in the park on Thursday my legs were itchy... I mean ridiculously itchy and they were driving me crazy!

I wanted to get out for a long run this morning and was looking at about 10 miles - the furthest I had gone for a while (if we exclude the Thunder Run!) and off I set at a good comfortable pace. Running down the High Street was nice as so early and saw a group of runners out - we all nodded and greeted as we passed by. As I reached about half way into the route my legs were feeling rather odd so IO thought I'd take a breather, get a drink and stretch out. Oh my goodness, they were obscene.... where once was a small red bit slightly swollen and itchy now were large red swellings the size of a saucer around each bite and they were throbbing. What to do what to do. I was half way into my route so no short cut home was really an option. I had to man up and keep running. I started back up towards Locksbottom and was just behind another runner. As I slowly gained on him I knew he was doing the blokey competitive thing as he kept slightly speeding up but not able to maintain it. I sort of wanted to give him advice on his technique but sure that wouldn't have gone down well by someone who looked like she has parasites living in her legs!

Gradually I overtook him, well it was clear then he was competing with me as I saw him dig deep and try to catch me.... he didn't I took a side road and left him to his strange running style and competitive ways. I believe he was chicked!

By the time I reached home my legs were now a bit painful so all that I had the option to do was put them up and rest for a while!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Just singing and cycling!

This morning I had begun the day with a nice but testing ride to work on my bike, tackling Summer Hill on the way and much to my delight making it with ease to the top without stopping but using pretty much every gear!

Then Friday afternoon came and I was excited about the ride home, it was sunny and calm out so I decided I would take the scenic route back home on a little divert. I set off on my way with a vague plan in my head. This was quickly forgotten as I just haphazardly took turning wherever I felt the urge and singing to myself the whole time.

I must have been quite a site happily belting out the ad hoc songs I was creating along the route sounding probably not dissimilar to Dory in Finding Nemo. The singing came to an abrupt halt as I talked the steepest hill I have ever come across as I reverted to talking myself into keeping going... slowly the wheels turned and the gears changed and to my surprise I kept moving onwards and upwards until finally the road took a sharp right onto a perfectly flat stretch, and not soon enough! I slowed to recover and had a good swig of my water.

Before long I found myself at Chelsfield station which although I knew wasn't far from home I hadn't ever actually been there and so I was a bit lost. I found a bus stop that stated 'towards Orpington' and followed the route until I was back on track. Arriving home I have tripled my journey distance home to just shy of 12 miles!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

PT = Piriton Time

The weather was so glorious today it seemed a waste to have my personal training session indoors in a stuffy gym so we decided to meet at the park so we could get some fresh air.

A warm-up lap around the block was a good a start and although very warm still I managed a decent pace and was certainly warmed up by the time we returned. A group of PWRs were taking part in their usual Thursday night special training so we set ourselves up to one side but waved our hello's.

The sweatier we got the more bugs circled us.... at the bets of times I am pretty tasty to insects and anyone who saw the state of my legs when in Thailand will testify to this so will all the increased sweating my delectable flavour seemed to send out a messages to all the little bloodsuckers. We were slapping away the bugs as we did sit ups, stretched and pretty much everything. As we departed at the end of the session one had even tried to get a lift home, he ended up splatted on the inside of my car window. I counted 23 bites which had all swollen considerably in the short time it took to drive home and shower.... bad times. Dose up on antihistamines and pray for the best I reckon!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Do you have the time?

After a few bad nights sleep and failing to stay out with the club last night after the beginners group I woke up feeling a little more inspired than usual to get out early and have a nice easy run. I got into my kit, swigged some squash and headed out the front door into the damp morning air. At first my legs felt heavy and tired, mile 2 and 3 were pretty much a long upward slog but after that as the route flattened out my pace retruned to normal and I was happily trotting along. I had planned to run a 4 miler but as I approached the alley that would deliver me home I detoured last minute to add another mile to the route. Oh I was I glad I did.... as I turned onto the last road a mere half mile away from home I was approaching a bus stop. At the bus stop a lady who looked to be building up to something. Also in attendance was another pedestrian - walking. She clearly eyed the none too discreet Garmin Forerunner 305 on my wrist and decided I would be the prefect person to try and stop and ask the time as she lunged forward from the bus shelters moulded plastic seating. Seriously was that woman having a laugh... did I not look busy? and probably pretty serious and sweaty? Lucky for her I had the time of day showing on my garmin and hollered back at her 7:20..... it was in fact 7:22 but I had already past and left her in my wake.
It begged the question... is that appropriate conduct. Even as a non-runner which I assume she was it couldn't hae seemed right to interupt my running to ask the time. It wasn't going to make the bus come any quicker. You wouldn't catch a timekeeper shouting to Mo Frah as he runs past, "ooooh have you got the time". Okay so I am not Mo but the principle stands..... It's just not right!