Wednesday, 29 August 2012

PWR Beginners Week 7 - Round 2

Unbelievably we have now reached week 7 on the second group of Tuesday evening beginners running groups! Amazing and still looking strong with 20 participants sticking it out for the course. Only 1 more training week to go before we all head off to Bromley Parkrun for the final event... a 5km run!

The group was split into 4 smaller groups dependant on pace with two very kind volunteers from the club going with each group to keep them motivated and on pace.

The run was 1 min walking / 10 mins jogging repeated 3 times, we headed out of the rec and began our route on the pavement before hitting some trails and woods to give a variety of terrain to these newbie runners. On talking to the runners some were finding the second rep easier whereas others liked the first slot of running. The group stuck together well and were amazed that we had done 2 miles already at the second walk break. My group went slightly over to an 11 minute run to finish off which took us up to 3 miles exactly... I was very proud and so were the runners who couldn't quite believe they had gone so far.

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