Tuesday, 4 September 2012

PWR Beginners Group - Week 8, ready to run!

The last training session for our round 2 of beginner runners from the Tuesday night training. Really impressive turn out with still over 20 runners turning up and ready to go.

A few nervous faces at the start with the prospect of running for 20 minutes with stopping but by the time the warm-up and drills were completed most of those fears had tumbled away - or were at least a little more hidden beneath the pink cheeks!

The group split into 4 smaller groups each manned by two PWR volunteers to take the runners out of the rec on our regular route. The group I was with hot their 1 minute walk break shortly up the hill in the woods much to their disappointment but at least they got to walk some of this tough part before the final running section.

We returned to the rec in perfect timing and set about our stretches once all the runners were back. All that's left now is to get to Parkrun on Saturday and put this all into practice and try to run the whole route without stopping!

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