Saturday, 29 September 2012

Winging It

So half of our palace to palace team set out on a bike ride today, carefully planned by me... oh and when I say half just me and hubby. We wanted a route of about 30 miles and this is what I carefully prepared with a mix of hills and flats and some nice countryside. We set off up Sevenoaks Way, a tough long upward slog towards Badgers Mount where we did in fact see some badger road kill (bad times). 
There were many other cyclists out on the roads today and all a friendly bunch, or maybe it was pity in their hello's as they passed us and became a speck in the distance before disappearing altogether. Soon enough we reached Sevenoaks  about 12 miles into our journey, we passed along the High Street and kept our eyes peeled for out next turning as we ventured into unfamiliar territory. So unfamiliar that hubby missed the turn and went flying down a huge hill - despite my best efforts to scream at him to stop he as gone and I had no choice to descend for over a mile to catch him up and give him the bad news... the turning was back up the hill. It was not something that either of us wanted to face. Luckily we spotted a sign to Penhurst so we decided instead to head their, then follow the Penhurst to Tonbridge trail before getting the train home again. This was a great idea as we stopped for a quick cuppa and some flapjack before hitting the trail. We saw many riders taking part in the castle triathlon series and encouraged them on up the incline we had just descended. 
Before long we had done 28 miles and were at Tonbridge station waiting for a our train. Happily we chugged along and soon departed and started to cycle the last 4 miles home..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... came the shout from up ahead. Hubby had left his bag on the train, we hot-footed it back to the station and I waited with the bikes whilst Hubby chased over the platforms trying to call ahead and find the bag. We left our number and headed back knowing there was not much more we could do. By the time we had reached home and made a few more calls there was a call to say the bag had been handed in and was at Charing Cross.... massive relief for both of us and as we had planned to go uptown not a huge problem. Thanks goodness someone found it.

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