Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Early Bird

My first race in goodness knows how long (but certainly over a year) is now less than a week away. I have managed intermittently to train although not stuck to explain fully as the recovery of my back is still top priority. The race is the Winter 10km Run on the closed streets of London, maybe slightly higher profile than my usual race of this distance but I am running with friends and I need a distance that would test my recovery. 

So today's run does still to the plan, I was meant to run 3miles at an easy pace.... Although it should have been yesterday and there should have been a 5 mile run on Saturday too that was replaced with a spin class. for someone who likes planning, organisation and order it is as much a challenge of my injury as is it to deviate from a training plan #listentoyourbody 

Now for the run.... It felt good, it felt really good. Perhaps this was because the first mile was a steady decline but the last few runs have taken me around 2 miles to properly warm up and get comfortable with my pace but this one happened as soon as I stepped out of the door! This is progress, the run continued to feel good, the couple of hilly inclines in the last mile were easier than I had anticipated and I didn't need to walk. 

Let's hope the next one feels just as good as I prepare for Sunday's race. Was it the early start? was it the training? who knows but i guess we'll see soon enough! 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lunchtime Cramming

It can be quite difficult to shoehorn a gym workout into a lunch break sometimes, especially as a decent workout will leave me like a little purple beetroot left sweating in some busy kitchen.  This is what people would call an excuse and as yesterday I have an excuse today I must get off my butt and do something.

I had the intention to do something a little less sweaty but as I stepped onto the gym floor I went straight to a treadmill and plugged in a distance goal of 5km. So it was decided, I was going to do a 5km run, it would be tight considering my current pacing but it was doable.

29 minutes and 53 seconds later the treadmill went into Cool Down mode as I completed my goal. Not a bad time and I felt pretty comfortable throughout, the downside being I was sweating like a racehorse and I needed to get back to work. Showered and still too hot by far I went red-faced back to the office. Hot but satisfied. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hip Replacement Run

It’s the weekend and in a runners training plan that usually means just one thing… the long run. The ‘long’ aspect has since been adjusted to a distance befitting my fitness levels. I would be tacking 4.5 miles again. I selected a similar route to last week as I started out and decided to turn this into a lollipop out and back run. I saw plenty of other runners and cyclists out on the roads today, the January fitness boom is still strong where I live.

I had my headphones up loud and ran along not worried about pace but just running and enjoying being outdoors again. A run of very little note which is sort of what I have been hoping for…. for some time.

NOTE: that carefree run turned out not to be so care or indeed pain free when later that evening I should up and couldn’t bear any weight on my left hip. This continued into the next two days where my hip felt ready to pop. I can only assume it was running related and the best thing to do was to rest for a couple of days and see how I get on.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Cats are not an excuse not to run.... however big they make their sad eyes!

Arriving home, after work I tackled my feisty cat Guinness into the cat basket to take him to the vets. He was not in the least bit pleased with this and howled the whole way there and back again. Only stopping for a while whilst actually with the vets to shake uncontrollably and hide his head in my jacket. His little sad and hard done by expression made planted a seed for an excuse to grow… perhaps I shouldn't go to my class, he needs me at home to look after him.

I soon realised that he was fine and I was the pitiful one using my cat as an excuse so into my kit I got and off the gym I went. As a warm up to a new class I had signed up for (and very almost cancelled again) I felt 2 miles on the treadmill seemed a doable feat. I would take on an easy pace and be nicely warmed up but not worn out for the class. At the end of two miles I felt pretty happy and comfortable with my pace and would have gladly continued but as I saw the instructor and other class members begin to gather I had to go and join them. Nice to know that I can run without feeling like poop when I finish every time now… just some of the time J

Upon my return, although still feeling sorry for himself, Guinness had forgiven me and curled up on my lap whilst I relaxed before bedtime.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Old faithful

My first long run of the year…. well probably for the past year…. In fact I remember when this distance was a short run for me. How times have changed. I will try not to get my pity party on in the blog post because overall I am pretty darn proud of myself that I managed it and didn’t have to bail half way round and walk home like a lycra-clad-sad-sack.
I selected an old favourite route, simple, a nice 4 mile loop with some ups, downs and a long stretch of flat as well. All road based as there had been enough rain to keep me out of the woods and their muddy trails.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Time Trial Mile

I thought it may be worthwhile to complete a mile time trial to see how poor my fitness had really become since my injury (now almost two years ago). All a very good idea until afterwards when I realised I don’t think I had ever completed a 1 mile trial so not much to compare it with!

The mile in question was also completed on a treadmill, also not ideal and it affects how fast you will run to some extent as you are more conscious of the speed you are going because it’s right there in front of you with the seconds ticking away.

I ran the mile in 8:39

I wanted to have run quicker than that and feel that on a track or in the great outdoors I may have done. Sadly I can see that fitness has been lost.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if I could lose as much weight as I have fitness and gain fitness in the way weight is gained over Christmas time!