Wednesday, 27 February 2013

God's Own Country

Sunrise over the paddy fields
During my trip to India, after 3 swimming pools that were 'closed' for no apparent reason I was going a little stir crazy with the need to get out and do some exercise so you can imagine my delight to spot a bike leaned up at the side of the building when we arrived for our homestay on the banks of Pamba Lake. 
Pamba Lake Homestay
After checking with our host I found that this was there for my use so I woke early and set off through the paddy fields and along the banks of the lake. Most people I encountered on my way were very friendly shouting hello and good morning as I passed, in particular one tiny lady who although we had trouble understanding each other I invited her to hop on the back on the bike and I gave her a ride to the local shop much to her delight  I feel she did have a moment of terror when she thought I may be kidnapping her but just that the breaks were not too great!
I pootled around for another half hour or so as the sun rose in the sky and it became very warm and humid before heading back to get ready for our day of sightseeing in Cochin.

Monday, 25 February 2013

India - Chimney Hill Reps

So I have been good, I listened to the doctors advice and I have waited 6 weeks without running... it has been torture to me, I have hated every minute of it and my gradually increasing waistline has not helped matters.
But there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel, today I got on my running kit and went out running - now being on holiday and in India this is no easy feat. It is not the done thing to be out and about in lycra and in the 10 days I have been here so far I have spotted only 4 local runners and one runner, clearly tourist based on his attire.
The local runners seemed to me to be dressed rather inappropriately for the weather with long nylon pants, heavy dusty trainers and long sleeves shirts or jumpers.
I opted to stay local as there area where I am staying is quite safe and away from the main roads, the hill on which my friend lives is quite a popular place for power walkers and before the sun is fully up you can see them marching up and down the hill with some gusto. After a short warm up I headed out onto the hill, and such a long hill it is (a little shy of 1km I reckon), by my third rep the sun was out and I was hot hot hot so I headed back to the comfort and fans of the house.
As I did not bring my Garmin I am not sure of the total distance but I am going with a conservative estimate of about 5km. I am heading out on the night train this evening so I may not get to run again before returning home but at least I managed one... another overseas run!