Saturday, 26 July 2014

No Thunder Run for me

So for the last three years around this time you have been treated to a long and adventurous journey as I have embarked on the annual Adidas Thunder Run as part of a team which then decreased and decreased leaving me as solo runner last year. 

This year I have planned to go back, hoping for better weather and to beat my solo achievement of last year running 10 laps through thunder, lightening and mud slides. 

This has been my most bitter disappointment that has stemmed from my back injury, wanting so badly to attend the event which has become one my absolute favourites and a yearly staple in my running calendar. There was nothing that could console me as I spent the weekend grumping about..... Adamant that when the entires opening for next year I would be back and I would claim a solo PB.

October 2014: entries opened, filled and closed.
They did so at midnight, it was quite absurd and signing up was a laborious process of being kicked out and trying time and time again to finally be told I was on the waiting list. Yet more disappointment. Then I received an email a couple of weeks later telling me that all names from the waiting list that would have a place did and I had not been successful, we'll this sucks ass. So I am p!ssed and rightly so, mostly at the silly cow who wasn't paying attention and has screwed up running for me for 19months now..... I hope your premium is through the roof and your car is plagued with expensive glitches as this is the worst I can wish upon you.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Waterway to have a good time

After our mini break and racing last year in Chamonix it was time we had another break with the our good friends (and my oldest friend of over 30 years). This year we would be boating on the Norfolk Broads, just like Alan Partridge although without a cow landing on us I hoped. 

This trip was not about running or a race but we were all (with the exception of my good husband) keen to get a run in. So on a slight hangover, myself and the Bonds hit the canal path around Wroxham to get in a cheeky 5km run before breakfast. I was still easing myself back into running with my back injury so I opted for a run/walk technique. 

Quickly running out of canal path we headed inland and onto some lovely country roads, our out and back point as is often the way finishes at the top of a steep incline but at least we got to run back down! 

I was pleased to have got back up to 3miles again two weeks on the trot although my back was not convinced of this after such a long departure from running any kind of distance. It is slow going but I will get there I am sure, just frustrating it is taking so blooming long.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The park where Robbie Williams played!

Each year the DMU netball girls get together for a reunion... We see each other in the meantime but this is the weekend that has been in the diary for the last 9 years and boy how we have changed!!

In the early days it was pretty much carnage as we took various cities by storm in the way in which only the netball girls can. As the years have gone by we still hit the town, a force to be reckoned with but a few years something changed.

Two of us had become runners, then as the years passed another one started running and another. This year as we woke early the body clocks of working career women and not students 6 of us donned our kit and hit the park for some running. My goodness how we have all changed!!

As you can see from the picture this was no ordinary park either, the blue plaque told us that non other than Robbie Williams had lived on this road in his childhood, so we set off delighted to be running in the park where the Take That and solo artist had probably scraped his knees and squealed terrified at the hissing swans as he rounded a corner and came across them unexpectedly.... Or maybe that was just us!

I love that we have changed, I love that each year another one of us calls themselves a runner, here's to next year, the 10 year reunion and let's see if we can't get everyone out for the morning run!