Saturday, 26 September 2015

Parkrun Tourism: Worcester Woods Country Park

It was the weekend of the worldwide netball reunion, with the Australian contingent in attendance. As is usual on these gatherings I suggested a trip to the local Parkrun on the Saturday morning and Team Meakin took the bait.

Hubby was roped in as chief supporter and childcare for our God-daughter whilst myself, Kate and Paddy partook in a little Parkrun tourism. 

The sun was shining and the course was a lovely couple of laps through some shaded woods, Paddy was off ahead of us and myself and Kate opted for the run and chat option to get us round. I was pleased to find that the distraction of chatting stopped me worrying about the baby bladder dance and I was able to keep going until about 17 minutes when we had a short walk break.

As we approached the finish line we saw the husbands and Mollie cheering us on and finished in a time of 35:05 which I am pretty happy with as I am running for two, with my very good friend on such a beautiful morning.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Treadmill Run - Mango in Malta

Since being on holiday there has been a lot of walking every day and swimming in the sea but this was the first day I decided to run, and hitting the hotel gym seemed like the best idea especially as Malta is pretty hot and I didn't want to overheat the bump!!

So getting up early, squeezing into some gym kit and taking myself down to the gym I set out to complete a 5km treadmill run. 

Powered by an all inclusive diet I was feel quite sluggish and also being indoors on a treadmill I always find slightly tougher then getting out in the fresh air but I stuck with it and completed my 5km in a time comparable to those I have been achieving of late at Parkrun. 

Really I am just happy that I have stopped with the morning sickness and am able to do any kind of exercise again. Lets hope it lasts for a little while at least!!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sweet Potato Running

Feeling positive about finally being able to run a few times in the last week, after the morning sickness has eased off significantly I decided another Parkrun was in order. 

Opting for Bromley Parkrun I was feeling good and looking forward to seeing a few friendly PWR faces in the line up. At 18 weeks pregnant my baby is the size of a sweet potato and based on my improved time I can only assume this is down to the increased would seem that a sweet potato is significantly faster than an avocado!

I was pretty pleased with my bump sweet potato time of 32:55