Sunday, 18 November 2012

Downs and Out

I have long said to anyone who asks (and many who don't) that my favourite runs are those when I get out onto the downs with Jerry and Bhundu where we randomly divert down interesting looking paths, listen to Jerry's facts and stories about the surrounds. It had been far too long since our last outing and sadly we were missing our third today but at very late notice last night me and Jerry decided to head out this morning.

Out early we saw the sun rising over the valley. as we passed along a wooded path we encountered 3 men in camouflage gear... Jerry started his jovial chatter before spotting they were all carrying rifles... well maybe airguns. Jaerry demanded a rabbit for breakfast, I just hoped and prayed that we were not about to be thrown into a situation reminiscent of Deliverance.... arghhhhhh!

We escaped the potential danger of bb guns and any kind of banditry to next come upon a field of very angry sounding badgers. Luckily we skirted the field on the road so as not to enrage them further and release their fury upon us invading their grazing area.

The run continue, through field and forest, along path and trail with much random chatter passing the time and the miles away. Crossing over previous routes and identifying a few potential night run drinking holes for the future. We headed up through the churchyard of Seal Church to overlook the valley once again and see from whence we had come.

Back into Otford we came across many piles of flour, creating some sort of trail for scouts we suspected. Until we got carried away about a baker who was forced to walk the trails each morning to collect his flour but there was a hole in his sack and every time he paused a little clump fell out leaving us a trail to follow. We tracked the man leaving the trail before long... well he didn't make it difficult but were still left to wonder what it was all about. Lets hope it doesn't rain.

I had warned Jerry about my lack of mileage at late and what started as a 10 or maybe 12 ended up as a 14 miler. But who can be disappointed with that? It was a good fun run, lots of miles, lots of hills and lots of fun, perfect Sunday morning.


  1. Jealous! And I've really missed both running with you and the running blogs on Fibre Runners. I've had a bit of a snarly knee but it is improving, just need some fitness miles now!

    1. 16 really slow on Sat morning not really tempting then!!