Sunday, 7 July 2013

Netball.... I've changed!

This weekend was the annual netball reunion and rather than in the past where we go out and live it up in towns all over the UK we went down to leafy Surrey for a home-based BBQ and afternoon of Pimms drinking and baby shower activities.

When I awoke this morning, early doors as ever I tried and failed to re-enter the land of nod but they would not have me so I decided this would be a great opportunity to don my kit and try my legs out for the first time since Mont Blanc.

Shortly into the run, I came across a small black dog running around in the road  I put on my best Dr Doolittle voice and called the dog, narrowly saving it from a life crushing car collision. Soon after the owners appeared from the house from which it had escaped. With barely a thanks they scooped up the dog and headed shamefaced away! You are most welcome (sarcastic tone).

Even at the early hour it was roasting and I was bright red and sweaty within minutes, hard to say I the quantities of Pimms consumed yesterday had an effect on this. The first mile or two my legs were complaining then soon they gave in and decided to work with rather than against me. 

I completed a leisurely 5km and returned bright red and beetroot looking to the house where I was met with head shakes and exclamations of 'Liz, you''ve changed!'.

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  1. You've changed, but we love you for it. Great to see you. Xxx