Sunday, 21 July 2013

Horse Apples and Sandy Trails

I had wanted to run yesterday morning but a multitude of excuses an through my mind before eventually falling back asleep which provided me with the new excuse of it then being too hot. So yesterday officially being reclassified as a rest day today I would be going out for my 8 miler. Scheduled as part of the preparation/taper for the Adidas Thunder Run 24 next Saturday.

I set off feeling good, a light drizzle in the air and cooler than it has been for at least two weeks. My pace was steady and comfortable and looking at my watch faster than I had expected... all good signs to me. I was going a new route including both roads and trails and for a bit of a change. Taking a small turning onto a gravel road I passed a large stable and several horses in their fields all watching me as I passed by and rabbits scattered at the sound of my footsteps. Soon I came across a strange little village in the woods, full of permanent caravan type homes surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. I was soon surrounded and unable to find the path out but luckily an old fella was out tending to his blooms pointed me in the right direction to get into the woods. along bridal paths which were mostly sandy and not the easiest to run on I made my way through the quiet woods before coming across another stables where with direction I made my way back out onto the roads and towards Bexley. 

The route did alter a little on route due to some wrong turnings in Joydens Woods but only added an extra mile which happily I felt comfortable enough to do. I decided to go once again off road and into Footscray Meadows for the return journey where I nodded my hellos to a multitude of dog walkers, some friendly and others not so. It was a fairly uneventful run but it felt good, I ran a steady pace and finished strong. Only a couple more shorter runs and then its the big one... better start planning my food list for the event!

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