Sunday, 7 April 2013

I'll be there for you (Paddock Wood Half Marathon 2013)

In the approach to the race I was less and less confident, the pressure of my injury, coupled with this being my half marathon PB course I was not looking forward to tackling the event but needed to test out how my recovery was going and what I was capable of.
About two weeks prior to the race I posted in the Petts Wood Runners group on facebook to see if anyone wanted a running or pacing buddy but no response was forthcoming... I guess everyone had their race day strategies in place.
Then with a few days to go, people started posting about giving up their places and not running the event through injury etc. Before I knew it there was a post in response to my comment...'looks like you've got me' it was Emma my good friend and trainer.
No excuses now, I was going and I was going to get round with a bit of moral support. Thankfully on the day we woke to a bright day, just perefct for running. Arriving in good time, we parked up and prepared to run the now seemingly impossible 13.1 miles.
As the gun went we set off at a staedy pace, chatting with many PWR's also running the event, we ran with Rebecca for a while before the steady pace took it's toll and she whipped ahead.
On the course we were cheered on by a plethora of PWR supporters out to film, give us sweets and cheer us on, I needed it although did feel like I didn't quite deserve it. At around 7 miles came he wet spongers and although the weather wasn't a scorcher there was a man in stocks for us to throw the wet sponges at... I was close but just missed!
Around 10 miles I could feel my spine started to hurt, as the persistent impact started to take its toll, then perhaps from the compnesation in my stride my achilles began to hurt too. We walked for a few minute whilst I waited for it to susbide which it eventually did and we trotted slowly onwards. Another mile on and a pit stop was required... at the local pub... sadly not for a drink and it was unfortunate that we were captured on camera departing the pub!
We finished in a joint personal worst time of 2:08:00 but on the plus side it was precise (which for anyone who know me knows that I will be delighted by this).
So despite injury, despite time, I had a great day, running with my good friend, no pressure (except on my spine), got a little sun on my face and got to throw wet sponges at a man in stocks and to wrap it all up a lovely juicy orange!