Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Review of the Running Year 2013

Well quite frankly in my head it sucked, two weeks into January I was rear-ended in my car and gained a back injury from which I am still struggling with, I managed a measly annual mileage of less than half of the previous year, I was unable to train... then wait a minute, I stopped and thought about it. I have really done some amazing things this year. Things that most people may not even consider as a joke never mind a reality.

The sucky parts: 

  • I had to pull out of several races due to my back problems
  • Despite ongoing physio I am not in much better shape
  • I sleep with a heat pad on my back most nights, especially after running
  • Being terrified by giant clowns in Chamonix
The awesome parts:
So, in short, the year was not as expected in terms of my running ambition but I made the big ones, I had fun and while I broke no records, I got off my arse and I did it.

Here's to more miles next year and plenty more great running experiences with friends and family!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Bimble

On Christmas Day I did not venture out to run but I did do a speed session on my new sparkly spin bike to get the metabolism working and prepare me for the feasting ahead. I headed to my favourite Aunty's house laden with canap├ęs, mince pies, brandy butter and plenty of bubbly ready to celebrate the season with loved ones. 
On Boxing Day morning the hardy amongst us... myself, my Aunt and a soon to be persuaded Dan (having his first Lycra experience) got out early to start work on burning of the Christmas treats.
We went to the railway path, one of my favourite places for a non-thinking run, lovely and soft underfoot so good on the knees and out and back with the potential for miles so not much thinking required.
We passed many walkers donning their Santa hats, flooded fields below us and a number of fallen trees to negotiate. There was no real plan on distance but a vague hour run was in mind, 30 mins out then back. 
All quite pleased with ourselves we went back for a breakfast of toast with Christmas Cheeseboard... well we can't be angels all the time! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Apparently I've been quiet!

So it would seem I have been noticeably absent from the world of running and particularly blogging with my last post over 2 months ago, I can only apologise to the few followers I have and hope to be able to get back on top of both the running and the blogging very soon.

Sadly it would seem that since my car accident in January when I suffered lower back problems I have now (11 months on) had to return to the doctor and been advised more physio... bummer. Yes, maybe I can still do more that the average man on the sofa but it doesn't mean I have to be happy or satisfied with that, I want to be out there running, running like Forest Gump with no end in sight and it doesn't matter because I just want to run when I feel like it and for as long as I feel like it... not until my back starts to ache as my spine compresses and compounds the pain and forces me to walk or even to return home.

So I will have the physio, I will continue to build my core strength during my personal training and I will try to follow Forest Gump example... I run because I can and because I just felt like running. 

So today, I went out to meet up with Jerry, his first run since the Winter 100 which he completed in true Jerry style with "real grit". It seemed a good match, he needed to test his legs out slow and so did I. Plus we hadn't had a good old chinwag about running and randomness for some weeks so we were well overdue hence the chatter flowed as the miles disappeared under foot. 

We came across small band of PWR Sunday runners where one in his usual cheery way was keen to point out that we all have problems (referring to my back injury) that we run with. It's always hard to say if this is a dig or some attempt at being nice. Either way we made our pleasantries and carried on our way. 
"Mama said they was Magic shoes" - Forrest Gump

Through woods and along trails, a short way on road and before long we had not run out of chatter but we were back at the car for Jerry's departure (hopefully he remembered the Brandy on the way home for Christmas baking). I added a little more on as I was feeling happy and good to be out arriving home a snippet under 6.5 miles and thoroughly pleased with that. 

All I need now is that pair of magic shoes I saw in the Nike store..... so so beautiful and wonderful on my feet!