Saturday, 14 March 2015

My Time for a Comeback

Okay so this isn't a comeback that will go down in history books, it probably won’t even be significant enough to feature heavily in the history of Fibre Runners but it was an achievement and a very unexpected one at that.

Today I went to Parkrun Orpington and I only went and got a bloomin’ course PB! As regular readers are aware, I have been unable to run much, race at all and been generally a bit of a grumble guts about my back injury. But today I got a course PB, the first time I can say that in two years so I am mightily proud.

I arrived at Parkrun, the car park was filling up with the morning runners, streaming across the field towards the start point, smiling, chatting and shivering against the wind… although quite sunny there was a sharp cold wind!

I dropped off my jacket a few minutes before the start, immediately regretting it as the cold wind bit into my bare arms, knowing too that with it I would be too warm in a matter of minutes. As I walked to the start I came across an old work colleague and friend, although I have not seen her for some time I was not surprised to see her and we have a quick chat before the run began.

I started running and was surprised pretty soon that I wasn't around my usual running ‘companions’… I checked my Garmin and it seemed my pace was pretty good. Hmm we’ll see how long this lasts I thought to myself. Lap 1 complete, the marshals shouting encouragement to all the runners. The ground was firm but not hard and there had been little enough wet weather so there were no muddy patches to deal with or slow us down. Lap 2 and my pace was still good, I could see the front runners crossing the finish line as I began my third and final lap of the course. I'm not sure where it came from but this was going to be a good run. 

Gradually some of the runners who had been around me near the start were dropping off but I kept my pace up. My breathing was audible but not laboured as I headed along the treeline towards the finish, I tried to step up the pace as I approached the finish focusing on the lady ahead of me. The gap was closing but there was not enough in the tank to overtake, she had too much of a lead on me.

I crossed the line in 28:07 – a course PB for me by over 1 mins 30 seconds. A little unbelieving but very pleased with myself I went to the scanners and waited for Deb G to arrive at the finish line. I welcomed her with a cuppa and we have a nice catch up.

I am still some way from my actual 5 km personal best (23:58) but I have made significant progress so to get under 30 mins again – and not my the skin of my teeth – is a big success. 

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