Friday, 20 March 2015

The Trees Have Eyes

A nice break in the Leicestershire countryside near the quaint village of Market Bosworth, a happy coincidence as we realised it was the re-internment of Richard III this weekend so the village was awash with white roses and bunting.

When I woke the sun was shining and although I had planned a gym workout it was too nice not to run. The Market Bosworth Country Park was just across the road from where we were staying so I headed in that direction. It was a cold, fresh and bright morning and the dog walkers were out in force.
I headed towards the duck pond and was accosted part way by one of the friendliest dogs I could ever hope to meet. After a good deal of fussing and rolling over – mostly the dog – his owner put him back on his lead so I could make my escape. I looped the park twice, clearly not sticking to the route I have seen at the entrance but getting the miles in nevertheless. I as was coming to my final section over the small stream on the trolls bridge I noticed the trees had eyes and as you ran they appeared to follow you… quite spooky if it were a dusky evening run!
I made my way back towards the entrance and the hotel, passing yet more dog owners, taking in some of the Bosworth Hall grounds before a tasty breakfast!

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