Saturday, 7 March 2015

Who thought a triathlon was a good idea?

Clearly I did when I signed up for one, thinking that my back would be better, thinking that this would be a better challenge to work towards. Being a multi discipline event I would be able to breakdown my training in order to lessen the impact on my back and not hinder my recovery any further. All very good in theory, oh very good indeed.

So signing up for a Sprint distance triathlon seemed like as good a place as any to start, small distances, all of which I knew I could manage individually so I would just need to pout them together.

In my head the worst part was always getting onto a bike when wet, I mean when is doing anything directly after leaping out of a pool a good idea unless its grabbing a cocktail and laying down on a sun lounger in some hot climes.

But apparently I was wrong, this morning I went on a bike ride, 10 hilly miles and a circular route through Crockenhill. All went well, and much better since pumping up my tyres (rooky mistake last week). I rolled up at home after the ride, hopped off the bike and my legs were immediately rendered incapable of doing anything.

Sh!t how will I manage, there is only a month to go!

Bike to run brick sessions definitely required. 

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