Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hels Hilly Club Run

Second week back at running club and this weeks leader was Hels. The route traced a maze up and down, around and about the streets between Petts Wood and down towards Sevenoaks Way. Running along I felt this was going to be a tough one, I was pleasantly distracted having a chat to some of the new faces (new to me anyway) at the club.

Somewhere between 2-3 miles I was feeling like I might need to bail, I felt I was struggling with the pace and as we stopped midday I was considering making my way back to base. Then my saviour, I spotted Eleanor, whom I hadn't seen probably for at least a year of not due to my injury and hers. We fell into pace and chatting away the miles seem to vanish underfoot.

We chatting about Paul McKenna's crazy night time hypnotic sessions, which currently seem to be working for me. Then we moved onto the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred which I was having success with. Eleanor had done this before and we raved about the results of 'America's toughest trainer'.

Before we knew it we were less than half a mile from our start point and Hels let those that wanted to proceed at their own pace, we ran down Poverest Road and to base. It really does make a difference to the difficulty of a run when chatting to someone. The first half was tough but then when I got engrossed I was much more relaxed and comfortable... now I just need that to transfer back  to my solo runs.

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