Saturday, 3 September 2011

Birthday girl eaten by fish!

On Thursday it was my Birthday, I have a lovely day, jam packed with all kinds of activities. Most relevant to this blog though I would argue are the 'Boris Bikes' - the first time I had tried them and although not built for speed they are a pretty useful way of getting around London and not half as scary as I though it would be cycling the streets of our Capital!
The day was rounded off with a visit to Zoola Fish in Bromley where for a very reasonable price I was able to sit with my feet dangling into a fish tank and little fish proceeded to much away at me! 
The fish tickled quite a lot so for the squeamish or very very ticklish be warned this could be more than you can handle, I did let out a squeal or two as the fish nibbled away at their chosen spots. I would certainly recommend this to everyone to give it a go, a very 'weird but wonderful' experience! 


  1. Great, I went past there the other day and looking at the state of my calloused, gnarled feet they would probably be big, fat fish at the end of the session!

  2. they were certainly keen when they saw my runners feet!