Sunday, 4 September 2011

Runners: Say No to Flyers!

With one week remaining until the Robin Hood Half Marathon next Sunday my schedule dictated that today I should run 9miles at a steady pace, for me steady means around 8:45 min/miles. In reality this was closer to just over 9 min/miles, I put this down to running at parkrun yesterday instead of doing speed or hill work during the week. It was my birthday though so I won't be too hard on myself about this!
My run was pretty standard today, around and about on the roads and some trails of Chislehurst and St Pauls Cray, I got a little nervy on Kemnal Road - so nervy in fact that I paused my music so I was alert for potential attackers - where it changes from private road to overgrown track full of old mattresses but I made it through and emerged victorious on the A20 for the long slog back up the Queen Mary's roundabout.
My pace evened out after the ups and downs and with less than a mile to go I was still feeling comfortable even if I did look very red and sweaty. It was at this point that a man tried to wave me over, stepped in front of me to halt my progress and then tried to hand me a flyer - I mean really, a flyer, did I look like I wanted my windows cleaning or a handyman of some description. No I don't believe I did. I sort of flailed my hand to indicate I did not want the flyer or to stop, which he mistook for me wanted a flyer and tried once again to thrust it towards me... I sidestepped him with a grunt and went on my way in a state of disbelief. 
My advice to those giving out flyers... runners do not want them, we have nowhere to put them and don't want to stop mid-run to find out what its all about!

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  1. Similar to this is people in cars who stop and ask for directions....gggrrr