Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The only way is Essex

Now that got your attention I'm sure.... I was at an event to celebrate Team Bromley at the London Youth Games this evening. The special guest star was Danny Crates (now I refer to wikipedia for my summary)... 
Daniel "Danny" Brian Crates, (born 9 February 1973) is a former British athlete, who specialised in 800m sprinting. He is the Paralympic world record holder in this event, and won gold medals in a number of international competitions, including the Paralympic Games. He also plays competitive rugby and is a qualified diving instructor.
Atter some speeches and awards about the fantastic achievement's of Team Bromley this year, Danny gave his address as our guest speaker... of course I was all ears to hear all about the running.
In essence the message was; why talk about what you have done or should have, would have, could have but instead keep moving on to the next challenge - this rung home with some of my words in yesterdays blog so perhaps I am Gold medal material after all (I wish). 
And if that was not enough to be within inches of this amazing athlete, when returning to my car he asked me for directions to the multi-story car park.... I should have offered him a lift! doh! Missed opportunity to brag about my top athlete friends!

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