Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Group 4 security breach!

So after 2 and a half years with the club, many musings about my capabilities of running faster whilst chatting and maintaining the pace I slipped semi-unnoticed (at first at least) into Group 4 this week. 
I remained at the rear with group 4 sweeper and Mrs Motivator (Emma) for the majority of the run keeping quiet initially while my legs found their rhythm then getting more chatty before once again quietening down towards the end. Was nice to run with a few of the club regulars that I normally wouldn't run with and also some more familiar Group 3 runners who have moved up recently.
I was concerned about the pace and with the front runners trying to push James to a higher pace I worried a little about how much the group might speed up and I may be left behind. I need not have feared, James kept them in check keeping the pace just below the publicised 9min/mile. 
After 5 miles and keeping up fairly well I could feel the group pulling away from me and as we rounded the corner onto my nemesis (Southborough Lane) the group seemed to by gliding effortlessly whereas I was just about managing to maintain pace with Emma encouraging me. I made it up the hill and then realised that with Group 3 we often have a breather and a drink at the halfway point, no such luck with Group 4 they just keep ploughing ever onwards!
The final half mile Emma pushed me to catch the group and I think overall we came in about 1 minute behind the rest of the group... not a bad run for my first outing with Group 4.

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  1. Well done Liz, Group 4 is a consistently paced group as you have found out. There is one thing that you will notice with that group it will always remain at the publicised pace what ever happens and it is best to keep an eye on James who will not waiver.
    Well done for sticking with it, you looked very happy at the end and I am sorry I didn't congratulate you more as I hadn't realised this was you first week up