Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sleepy and Sweep

After a long post work nap I decided I was still to tired from the weekend to run with PWR tonight... then I changed my mind... then I changed it again. Finally a message from Emma spurred me into action and I threw on my running kit and ran out the door.
I arrived a little giddy but undecided as to which group to run with, I didn't want to risk group 4 as I wasn't sure the toll of 48hours of drinking, dancing and karaoke may have had on me. I pondered group 2 but ultimately, like a magnet I returned to my safety blanket Group 3. Tonight, mark was unwell so Dave (as deputy) was leading the group with me as the Sweep (bring up the rear).
It was nice to run with some new faces to the group, some first timers and a couple at only their second week. The group was well paced until the end when a few eager beavers sprinted off to the meeting point... bit naughty but once they are off they are off!
Really pleased I dragged my sorry self out tonight, a good run which help stretch me out after a weekend that made the whole of me ache - but who knows why!! 

Also, good news on my Thunder Run 24 2012 recruitment drive as I have a 4th member for my relay team... hooray, one more to go and with time to spare before entries open!

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