Saturday, 1 October 2011

Barefoot beginner

Disclaimer: not my feet!
Today was week 3 of the PWR beginners running group, I decided to tag along and support but I had an ulterior motive!
My vibram five-finger bikila's have been waiting patiently now for weeks to be tested out... I initially wanted to get the Robin Hood half out of the way before I begin my transition into the barefoot running community and also having start to read 'Born to Run' I am even more inspired.
The beginners group seemed a great place to start, knowing that the terrain would be fairly easy going - a grassy field, and that the distance would be manageable - under 3 miles of walk/run combo. 
So I arrived early, coaxed my toes into their own individual toe holes... with a bit of persuasion required for my little toe which seems to be a bit dependant on its neighbour and unwilling to be separated. I found myself running on the forefront much more than I usually would and tending not to heel strike at all, I have been quite heavy footed in the past so hoping this doesn't cause too much grief to start with. After the sub 3 mile run, I could feel my calves had been working a little harder than usual but all in all I felt good, my feet didn't hurt and I'm willing to keep trying.... little by little! 


  1. Well done Liz, I am still very tempted to have a go at this bare foot thing but may just try it out with some flat unsupported shoes first.

  2. yes I was fretful when questioned why I hadn't gone to Nike free first... I didn't know there were rules! silly Liz just jumping in again without thinking!