Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pump and slump!

Yesterday I made my brave return to Body Pump after a 2month+ break.
At first it felt good and I was managing my weights well, taking it a little easy on the squats (nothing worse than not being able to left the weight back over my head - this has happened several times before).
By round two of arms they were shaking and struggling to keep up with the reps but holding strong I battled through.
The members of this class seem a little different to my last class (at a different gym) where it seemed to have a clique going on and quite male dominated - competing for the heaviest weight. I'd argue, not really the point of pump.
By the end of the hour I was both relived and pleased with myself, I'll definitely be back and I know it will get easier. It was tough but I found it easier than I thought I would after such a long break. When I got home I ceremoniously slumped into the sofa with a big bowl of pasta.
Just need to get back into the routine of going once a week to supplement the running - sure it helps my speed!

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