Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bin Bag Lady

It has taken me all weekend to find my mojo for running. Usually I would run both Saturday and Sunday, early morning runs or maybe parkrun or the beginners group but this weekend I just couldn't drag myself out. Not sure why it was so tough, maybe it was my body telling me to have a break. Even after marshaling at today's Petts Wood 10k race I still came straight home and had a nap rather than a run despite being in my kit.
But finally I found it, my mojo was back and I hit the streets before I lost it again. I soon found my pace a had a lovely steady run, in fact I was considering adding on a few miles to take it up to about 8 or 9 but I decided it was getting late so I'd better head home.
As I rounded the corner I saw a bin had been tipped out all over the road, metal bin inner as well with bags all over the place... I hesitated for merely a second before crossing over to deal with this potential hazzard (excuse me while I polish my halo). I placed the bin back together and popped all the nasty bags into it feeling once again lucky that I have no sense of smell as it looked rancid. Soon some scallys came down the road, I suspect they may have been the ones to tip the bins by their semi-sheepish / semi-cocky behaviour. I ignored them and set back off towards home, at which point a car and a van seemed to get into a drag race down the road, had the bin still been there next call would have probably been an ambulance. Lucky I'm in the world to pick up the rubbish that others leave! 

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