Thursday, 20 October 2011

Time to man up!

After days of grumbling every time I moved, following a tough track session on Saturday and my return to Body Pump on Monday evening I finally decide it was time to man up and get back out for a run.
You could argue I was being sensible, listening to my body but after 3 days without a run I get the inevitable guilt and agitation associated with missed runs.
I laid my kit out before hitting the sack last night, which I knew from experience would give me one less opportunity to bail.
Out of my warm bed I struggled into the cold morning air and got into my kit, grabbed a drink and walked out the front door… seconds later I was back to pick up another top (long sleeved this time) and a pair of gloves and out I went again.
My sources tell me it was 1 degree outside, brrrrrrrr it felt like it! After about 1.5 miles the gloves came off and almost the long sleeves too but then I thought better of it.
Taking the run at an easy pace I returned home after a circuit of just under 5 miles, legs felt good but the muscles across my chest and in my arms were still sore. Looks good for a decent run at the weekend, thank goodness I have a weeks break before the next track session!

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