Thursday, 6 October 2011

Peas in a Pod

Last night my mum popped over, I got the call when she was 15 minutes away saying there was to be no hanging around, she was in her running kit and ready to run!
On arrival we laced up our runners and hit the streets. We choose a route that stuck to well lit main roads and had a nice flat stretch couple will a few inclines. The pacing was very consistent which impressed me, maybe this is where I get my metronome like attributes!? 
Although my mum used to run years ago she has only taken it up again over the last year. Partially so that she is able to join in some of my many dull running conversation and also I think because she loves medals as much as I do!
We completed 3.5 miles with no stops and a well paced run, all in all in was lovely until... we approached home and passed a local youth club some kids were running up and down the road except for two who were ominously close leaning up against some railings. As we approached the boys shuffled away and seemed to be tucking his... ahem... back into his trousers and zipping up his fly. The girl then proceeded to run behind us trying to provoke a reaction which she didn't get but clearly running has a bigger draw than giving some kid a hand job on the street! The youth of today, humph!

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