Sunday, 16 October 2011

Track & Trail Double Header

Round 1: Saturday morning started early when the cats woke me, I managed to get back to sleep for a while before heading over to Norman Track for special training led by Peter B. I arrived by the skin of my teeth at 10am to find the track filled with young 'uns so no need to worry and a few minutes to shoot the breeze while they packed up and moved on.
With 12 of us in attendance it was the perfect number for a series of sprints, intervals, group relays and the timed 1km (my first of these). Peter was very organised with his wipe clean clip board (for those that know me, you will understand my jealousy of this - please add to Christmas list!). By 11.30am we were stretching, while Paul quipped mercilessly unable to control his mischievous tongue - for which I can't complain as it's very entertaining and draws out the cheeky in me too!
Got hope and made a lovely Chocana cake for a visit to some friends later in the day.
Round 2:
Arrived at my friends house at around 4pm and already in kit and ready to run again. We headed out - the first time for her in a while due to an injury - for a take it easy trail run. It was a beautiful day to be running on the South Downs with plenty of lovely views to behold along the way.

NB: It is now Sunday evening and my legs ache... I think it was the track session but it goes to show how hard I worked! Ready for more in two weeks time - hopefully I will have recovered by then...

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