Saturday, 15 February 2014

Too Much, Too Soon

This weekend my brother and his FiancĂ© were staying and as is now the norm when they visit we headed off on Saturday morning to Parkrun. We opted for a new location for them and decided to attend Greenwich – in Avery Hill Park. This park being where we used to go as youngsters when visiting our grandparents and where we used to fly kites. Good times and happy memories.

Vowing to take it easy we set off and my pace felt comfortable as I made my way around the 3 lap course. Into the third lap and I think I realised then I have pushed too hard, my back was in a significant amount of pain. I didn’t stop though, I walked for a while and completed the course.

The rest of that day I spent mostly resting with a hot water bottle pressed against my lower back and not surprisingly slept fairly badly.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Caution Slow Runner

After my super keen and clearly too ambitious run I opted for a short out and back close to home. Without incident (and I should hope so too) I ran out and back again at a very cautious pace to try to minimise impact on my back.
It is increasingly upsetting that I am unable to run like I used to.