Monday, 12 September 2011

My left foot

It hurts, how it hurts, my poor toe is so sore... it was worth the pb but it won't stop me wincing and grumbling everytime I move.
I have spared you the actual picture of my toes in their blackened condition. The right foot is just like this image, black, but on my left foot it is far worse. The toenail appears to be at a funny angle, it is purply black underneath, it is very swollen and feels ready to fall off if I so much much as look at it.
Encasing it in tights today for security I have been fidgety and uncomfortable all day. It doesn't help that I keep knocking it and that one of my cats tried to bite it this morning (naughty Guinness).


  1. However much tempted over the coming week do not even think of picking or fiddling with it as you don't want to introduce infection. I normally go against all advice, pop the blister with a sterilised needle then tape it up so it hardens up!

  2. blister is gone, toenail no longer wobbly and loose, I think it might be saved!