Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday nights alright for training

I was determined to get to the gym tonight, not only was I having a visitor this weekend that could impact on my exercise but I hadn't done anything since the strength class on Monday evening that made me more than a little sore all week.

I had my kit in the boot of the car and went straight for the gym and into the pool. I did a steady one mile swim in under 40 minutes… my usual comfortable pace for a longer swim. I opted to drop the pace training as I had been throwing in intervals in every swim in the last month and felt this would be more beneficial. An odd couple entered the pool – happily towards the end of my swim – as it was like swimming in a wave machine as they flailed about and did their own unique style of aqua aerobics.

As I departed the pool I was feeling pretty good and decided that instead of heading straight home I would go up to the gym for a little while. This turned into a 5 km run. I wanted to walk but I made myself keep running for the duration… a time of just under 33 minutes. I was sweating wildly but very pleased with myself that I had doubled up on my workouts.

I do find it odd how much slower I am on a treadmill… a few minutes over a 5 km feels quite significant. I do still love running outdoors and much prefer it to indoors but when needs must at least I got it done. 

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