Monday, 29 July 2013

Adidas Thunder Run 2013: Support Crew Version

I decided a guest blog on the behalf on my support crew would pay a nice tribute to the great work they did in getting me through this years Thunder Run. The conditions were truly terrible at points and there was little chance I would have done so well without them. They fed me, changed me and supported me... kind of like a baby! 

Prior to the event I had prepared a hugely geeky briefing note, it had advised of my moods, what I might eat if I could rest and for how long but also a sheet for comments, timings and to record my food and drink. Funniest for me was the comment made at 8 laps (surely by Sue) and it said 'up for it'!!

As myself and hubby were unable to arrive until the Saturday morning following a wedding (congratulations once again to Hannah & Nick) my Dad and Sue had arrived on Friday along with their dog Beau and set up the tents for us in the solo area. On arrival at the camp site we were soon in our ready made home for the next day and offered cups of tea and bacon sarnies!

We once again reviewed the briefing note, discussed what a crazy challenge and got me ready to run.

Cake and ribena!
The posts (via twitter and facebook): 

At the start, ready to go. See you in 24 hours! TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬ 

Keep going Liz, only 23 hours and 40 minutes left! 

Liz Romano 1st lap in 1.11, looking good so far...

Lap 2 completed in 2:24:12 TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬ 

Lap 4 done in 5:23:28. A food stop on lap 5 and here comes the rain! 

TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬. Over 1/4 of the way through now @romanoliz. 40kms done. Keep going

As the thunder, lightening and torrential downpour arrives, time for some food and a power nap, ready for the night running TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬ — 

The rain hasn't stopped, so nor has Liz. Carrying on in the dark and the rain with lap 6. Onward and upwards! TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬

Well over half way now. Liz is about 3km into lap 7 after a break, so anything more is a bonus after this as she'll have equalled her total from last year. It's still raining and very dark but all the people doing this are amazing and still going TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬

Liz is back in the dry after completing lap 7. Alarm set for 5.30 to be back out at 6 for final 3 laps hopefully... TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬

Up for it!
Back out at 6 as planned, it's stopped raining for now, fingers crossed it stays that way. Lap 8 completed in 1:35 approximately, total time 19:35. Roll in lap 9. Keep going Liz!

End of lap 9 and straight on to lap 10 - 90km done, what have you got left Liz, still just over 2 hours left.

10 laps - 100km in just under 24 hours. Congratulations @romanoliz , a magnificent result TR24 ‪#‎allin24‬

These updates will be familiar to many of you but to some may be new, I was amazed when I turned on my phone after the race and saw how many messages of support, confusion and encouragement had been coming in throughout my journey. Hubby had told me everyone was rooting for me when I saw him at food breaks and it meant so such knowing everyone was behind me and supporting me in yet another crazy running endeavour. 

Yes, I did all the running but without the help and support from everyone else it would not have been possible. So thank you with all my heart and aching body! 

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