Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hip Replacement Run

It’s the weekend and in a runners training plan that usually means just one thing… the long run. The ‘long’ aspect has since been adjusted to a distance befitting my fitness levels. I would be tacking 4.5 miles again. I selected a similar route to last week as I started out and decided to turn this into a lollipop out and back run. I saw plenty of other runners and cyclists out on the roads today, the January fitness boom is still strong where I live.

I had my headphones up loud and ran along not worried about pace but just running and enjoying being outdoors again. A run of very little note which is sort of what I have been hoping for…. for some time.

NOTE: that carefree run turned out not to be so care or indeed pain free when later that evening I should up and couldn’t bear any weight on my left hip. This continued into the next two days where my hip felt ready to pop. I can only assume it was running related and the best thing to do was to rest for a couple of days and see how I get on.

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