Monday, 27 August 2012

Marathon Bike Ride (Wounded)

I'd rather have a picture of my bruise but it is too severe!
So to cycle a marathon distance may not be that impressive to most but to me it was the furthest I have cycled and definitely a huge step in my training towards the Palace to Palace bike ride in October. Further more I sustained (sort of did it to myself) a painful injury at around 14 miles in and was forced to 'man up' and cycle through the pain!

I painstakingly planned a route, printed it out, made notes of the keys turning points and headed out early on the lovely quite bank holiday roads.

Soon enough I was out away from built up areas and into the countryside, up and down the rolling hills and some not so rolling but scarily blooming steep. I made it up all of them, I was talking to myself using words of encouragement to keep me going and one hill in particular seemed such an insurmountable a task I was entirely gob-smacked upon reaching the top... it must be those spinning classes and PT sessions paying dividends as I am sure I wouldn't have been able to managed that before.

I arrived home a couple of hours later completely famished but managed to eat healthily before fully examining my leg and looking for sympathy!

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