Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Missing Runner

Every time I go to write my blog I get stuck, hard to know what to write about on a running blog when forbidden from running!

So, I am not running but I am doing everything I can to get back running. Arguably the biggest mistake runners make is to go back to soon after injury... I am was and still am determined not to do this.

In January 2013 I made the decision on a cold day to drive to the gym for some cross-training rather than run in the cold after fighting a pending cold it seemed the sensible decision. Choosing to go straight on at the lights rather than left and towards home could have been the biggest mistake I made when it comes to running.

A short while later I was sat in traffic, it was start stop, then a woman (distracted by a pedestrian running across the road behind her) drove straight into the back of me. I was jolted forwards and back again and somewhat shaken. I have had lower back problems ever since.

Jump forward almost two months I finally got an appointment with a doctor as recommended by my lawyers, weeks later again I got the report and was able to start treatment with a physiotherapist. The exercises were helping and complimented by attending my personal training sessions where we focussed on getting the strength back into my core.

I was unable to train and was having to pull out of and defer races left, right and centre, including the London Marathon. Towards the middle of summer I tried to run again, tackling races with little or no training including the Mont Blanc Marathon… well I had booked flights, accommodation and had my support crew in place. My time for this was more than double my usual marathon time, but who cares, it was an amazing experience.

I didn’t run much more after this as my back started to bother me again, coming in waves, I was learning what I could and could not do (this former much less than the latter).

In December I saw another doctor to review my lack of progress and whilst waiting for the report I started receiving chiropractic treatment which I am still receiving and my back finally, but very slowly seems to be improving.

I had to cancel my deferred place for the London Marathon – meaning this is lost for good. There are too many DNS's next to my name

I tried to do a parkrun (5km) during February at a very slow pace and was unable to move comfortably for about a week. Now I am restricted to swimming, the recumbent bike, slow walks and using the swiss ball. Quite a change to running and you certainly have to be more wary of your diet when you cannot just run it all off!!!

I am missing running a huge amount, having only come to it 5 years ago it became a huge part of my life. I miss running with my friends, working with the beginners groups and feeling healthy.

The next race that was in my plan was the Addidas Thunder Run where I planned to return as a solo runner and beat my 100km distance in the 24 hours (praying for no thunder storms). At this point it looks pretty unlikely that this will happen.

I will run again, FACT!



  1. Ha Liz, I miss you. I miss Fibre Runners too! I'm looking forward to running with you again.

    1. I miss those runs on the downs :( with you pair of crazy monkey footed runners!

  2. I'm so sorry that happened to you and I hope you get better soon. Running misses you too! x

    1. Thanks Aimee, it is such a frustration but I will stick with it and sure I will be running again before I know it.... hopefully before the end of summer but we shall see!