Thursday, 20 April 2017

I may be about to do something a little bit silly

I've been feeling angry, angry and jealous pretty much any time I see somebody running. I am so frustrated with myself that I am unable to run. Even more frustrating is that all anyone is writing about on social media (and rightly so) is that they are ready for London Marathon on Sunday... arggghhhhhhhh!

What makes it worse is that I have a place, a place that I will lose if I don't run. I have already deferred once and so that's no longer an option. 

How can I possibly run? I haven't done any training whatsoever since I had my daughter in February last year. Well, I did two or three parkrun's over the last year but that's it. 

So I made a decision, I decided to go to the expo today, I collected my number and I soaked up the atmosphere and positive pre-race energy, I was determined to stop feeling jealous of those who are running. 

Then I thought, hmmmmm maybe I can do this? I can walk pretty fast, I'm a London commuter after all. There's no expectations as nobody knows I will be doing it. I have run the marathon before and therefore have a legitimate and tested race day plan (timings will need to be adjusted of course) but maybe this is doable. 

I asked a few people if they thought I was crazy..... my husband, my chiropractor and my personal trainer.... they all agreed I was completely mental to consider this but they both know me and my capabilities and thought I was more than able to do it. They said as long as I dropped out if it became too difficult or I was putting my body at risk then crack on! Doh, I thought a professional may tell me no and I'd have to listen to them... no such luck. 

So this is happening.... or is it?!

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  1. When did you post this!? I must have missed it lol