Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Nice one Bruva!

As we approached Christmas my brother arrived from Belgium, aware that I was planning to make a tradition of running at Parkrun on Christmas day we decided to take an outing into the locals woods for a lap and to make sure he was able to run for 5km. As a frequent gym goer my brother is fairly fit although running does not feature heavily in his routine, his usual to run about 2-3km on a treadmill at the end of a workout. Something I was about to change.
We woke early on Thursday morning, donned our running kit and set off, chatting and reminiscing all the way around Scadbury on a lovely morning we passed walkers, joggers, runners, one tough looking fella who was doing hill reps up the hill for which I had chosen the opposite direction so we only had to descend!  
My brother did well, running just shy of 3.5miles and up and down the hills with no complaints... now for a little recovery before I put him through his paces at Parkrun. 

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