Saturday, 4 February 2012

I am not Spartacus

When I visit my good and oldest friend in Sheffield from time to time we go to her gym and do a personal training session. This is something she does pretty regularly and I do 2, maybe 3 times per year. We have done some kick boxing style sessions but with the marathon coming up we thought it was safer on me to do a 'fitness' PT session. The minute I heard it referred to as the 'Spartacus' circuit I knew I was in trouble!
After my warm-up on a horrendous machine which was not dissimilar to climbing a ladder my legs were already like jelly. We moved on to a variety of other exercises, all with names I am sure but I cannot remember them, it was enough for me to focus on my instructor - Alex - and keep the sweat from my eyes.
The second round of the circuit was even tougher, now with jelly legs and jelly arms I felt like Mr Softie on his way to a collapse. I made it through though and felt great for it. The benefit of doing cross-training has improved my running no end and whilst I am sure I will be too sore to run for a day or two I know this will have worked wonders for me. Looking forward to next time already (but just not too soon eh!)

NOTE: It is now two days later and my legs are still not my friend, they are fine once I get moving but the transition from sitting to standing and vice versa is not an easy one.


  1. Ah the "horrendous" machine you talk of is called the VersaClimber. It does not have many friends in the gym, but I have adopted it and love it like it was my own. Sir Ranulph Fiennes has used this piece of kit in training for his many expeditions and challenges, so you are in good company!

    1. 3 days on and my legs at least feel like they are approaching normal, the VersaClimber bested me but next time I will be ready I tell you!
      Sir Ranulph is a hero so I must try harder to make pals with this machine!