Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Looking for my running mojo...

Since January and my back injury I have been so frustrated wanting to run and not being able. I had worked hard to strengthen my core to support and speed up my recovery. So whilst doing exercise it has been hugely restricted and am still suffering. The worst being that I stopped wanting to run because it caused such discomfort. Gradually it came back but I am still wary of overdoing it.  

After an intensive week of exercise last week where I attended a 3 day fitness bootcamp in the Cotswolds, then followed this with the Great Swim London (1 mile open water). I seemed to have rediscovered my running mojo or at least some of it. For the first time in weeks I was in fact excited to come home and get into my kit. So much so that I couldn't wait for running club at 8pm instead opting to run when I returned from work.

In, changed and out running, the way it used to be and where I wanted to get back to. Mentally I was ready to run but knowing what my body had gone through and the heat I opted for a shorter run taking in the woods for some shade.

The first mile my legs were leaden, not an unusual feeling for me these days as I do take a while to loosen up and get moving. By mile 2 my legs were improving but I was hot, really really hot. Grateful I had filled the water bottles on my running 'utility' belt despite the length of the run. Entering the woods I was much happier as the trees afforded me some shade, trotting away I saw many dog walkers and another couple of runners. A lovely evening for a run and glad I seem to be collected up my running mojo - it may not be fully back but there was certainly a big lump of it picked up in the woods of Scadbury. Over the next week or two I hope to up my running again and gather up the rest of the mojo.

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