Sunday, 22 September 2013

Motherly Motivation

Some days a run seems like the hardest thing you could possibly do, even as an experienced runner and even one who enjoys it so much. This morning was one of those mornings. I had had less sleep than I would normally require following a festival/staff party which left me a little worse for wear come morning time. I had in anticipation only packed sports kit for the morning so that it would guilt me into running should I have an inclination to just head home and get back into bed. 
So laying in bed, I wasn't sure this would be enough. I needed a commitment and some motivation. I texted 'The Mother' - did she fancy cycling along by my side along the Forest Way whilst I tried to get in about 14 miles. She was keen for a distraction herself I think as the prospect of painted a fence loomed heavy over her. I gave her my eta and immediately felt I'd better get my act together and head for some breakfast pre-run.
It was a muggy day, very humid and running was not comfortable. However, the added bonus of my cycling support crew spurred me on and together we made it to the turnaround point passing many other runners, cyclists and dog walkers making the most of this Sunday September morn without the threat of rain.
About 9 miles into the run I had begun to struggle, the heat was getting too much and I was starting to feel dehydrated the last few miles would be tough. I had a walk break which seemed to help and put some strength back into my legs. The Mother encouraging me along the way and as we chatted and caught up on the latest news in our lives the run soon came to an end at a respectable 12 miles.
I hopped back in my car leaving The Mother to cycle the remaining mile to the house while I drove - after having a big drink of water! We had a lovely homemade soup for lunch and then I headed home again. 
Much need motivation was provided today as without that support I may have given up long before the 12 mile mark.

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