Friday, 21 June 2013

Burn off the scones!

The cycling was the bulk of my visit exercise, but today was my speciality... running. Plus, both myself had the scone from yesterday to burn off... or perhaps to prepare ourselves for the one more we planned to eat on arrival back from our morning run as elevenses!

4 miles was decided upon with a slight incline on the outward route meaning a slightly easier sloping downward on the return route. We ran on small country lanes and onto the disused railway track that forms part of the Downs Link whilst chatting away merrily about running and our upcoming races and events. 

Plenty of dog walkers seemed to be out on this warm morning although not many other runners were spotted, suppose everyone must be at work! A pleasant run and soon we were back again and ready to indulge once again in homebaking!

Yesterday we had the debate along with my cousin of jam on cream, or cream on jam... we had decided collectively that butter is not required but we did differ on opinion as to the order of our remaining toppings! My cousin opts for spreading the cream and a dollop of jam on top whereas myself and my aunty go the more traditional and old school route of spread the jam and then load with cream (as per the image). Apparently we are not the only one to have this debate and it has long raged between the county's of Devon and Cornwall, if you are so inclined and want to get a craving for scones read on! 

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