Sunday, 2 June 2013

Here comes the Sun(day run)

Another beautiful sunny day and about time (with only 1 month to go until the Mont Blanc Marathon) that I test out my legs and see what they can do. The frustration I feel is still rife from that silly woman driving into my car and damaged my back, now 5 months on my training is haphazard, I barely have the miles in my legs that are required to confidently tackle a marathon but I have been training.

The running has taken a huge hit but I have been attending a variety of gym classes and working with my personal trainer to strengthen my back. Mont Blanc will be amazing, the tickets have been bought, the apartment reserved all before the accident so I have no choice in my mind that I will be going and doing what I can. 

So this morning I donned my kit, charged up my garmin and ipod and off I went. I decided to revert back to my ultra distance training technique of run 25 mins, walk 5 regardless of whether I felt I needed to walk or not. This did me well for the first few bouts and got the all important first miles in and got me past the halfway mark of my planned distance so mentally it would all be downhill from there. Setting off later than planned the sun was high in the sky and nice as it was the shade was appreciated as I trotted along.

My back felt pretty good but my hips were starting to ache a little and after stopping to cross a road it was tough to get going again as they started to ache more. I kept going for a while and though for the sake of the last 2 miles and wanting to go out again tomorrow I would hop on the bus to complete my journey. 

Was I giving up, I'm not sure, I managed a little over 11 miles, I felt good, I was not too sore and my hips thanked me for stopped and not pushing on so I think I will live to run another day!

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