Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fast & Furious Parkrun

Waking up 2 hours before my alarm and very keen I decided I would get my bike out and cycle to Parkrun. I ate my regulation 2 Weetabix and seeing it was still only half past 6 I decided I would go back to bed for an hour. Miiiiiisssstttttttaaaaaakkkkkkkkkeeeeee!

So I slept through one alarm and woke with my back-up alarm which meant I would have time to get my bike sorted and I would be driving to Parkrun. About 1 mile from home my petrol light came on but I hadn't brought my purse, only my keys and my barcode. By the time I parked up I was decidedly grumpy and not in the mood to talk to or be around people so Bromley ParkRun, now pulling over 500 people each week was possibly not my best choice of destination.

I headed to the start line, still grumpy and now wishing I had my sunnies to protect my eyes from the savage winds that seemed to have reared up since arriving. But shockingly, I did not!

Announcements were made, we cheered the volunteers and we were off. I had seen some pacing vests but none were around me as I started. My Garmin had not managed to find a satellite so I didn't have much idea of my pace or distance so I just ran. I ran round the first lap, I ran into the second. Still feeling pretty grumpy,  and wondering why I had even come out at all then I saw the finish line ahead, I was on the home straight and looking at my watch I saw I was closing in on 26 minutes. I had no idea where it had come from.  I stepped up a gear and pushed as hard as I could to try and scrape in under 26 but alas my final time was 26:02.

From my positive early morning to the grumpiness that had become progressively worse due to one annoying incident after another I had somehow done my best 5km time in about 3 years and certainly the best since my back injury.

I returned home in a much better mood and after a quick shower went off to an early showing of Fast & Furious 7 at the cinema. Quite apt after the morning I’d had. 

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