Saturday, 3 October 2015

Don't Look At Me

It is becoming somewhat of a family tradition that when my siblings come for a visit we come out to Parkrun. This weekend it was the turn of my younger sister, and her first time at Parkrun and only her second 5km event.

It was a cool and drizzly morning, pretty good as running weather goes as you don't get too hot and sweaty!!

We arrived and headed over to the start line, my sister clearly impressed or perhaps confounded by some of the anniversary shirts she saw, 250 parkuns was a shocker!!

We set off at a steady pace, agreeing to a walk/run strategy to get us around the course and selecting Bromley

as the flattest of the local parkruns and also the family favourite!

Happily I am still fitting into my running kit and managed to zip up my waterproof over my increasing bump, this week apparently the size of a pomegranate.... now this raised suspicion for me as I have never seen a pomegranate in excess of 10 inches, in fact probably not even half that size. The app that gives me these updates is American so I am wondering if they have giant pomegranate farms in the US where these enormous fruits frolic together in the fields. 

As the time wore on, my sister was seeming a little less keen on running that when we started, and stating definitively "Don't look at me" when I asked looked over to see how she was doing!! but with shorted run/walk intervals we kept moving and before long the end was in sight. The finish line prompted a new energy and we overtook about 4 other runners in the dash for the finish.

It was over and we could now go about our day with a smugness of those who get up early on a Saturday to exercise!

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